AKS Capital is a company founded to provide certified translation and proofreading services in line with the current progress and technological development, with its uniquely designed website that meets the customers’ needs and makes communication easier in submitting and receiving all works, as we strive to achieve customers comfort and satisfaction by providing accurate and correct translation through our group of professional translators who are specialized in various fields of translation.

AKS Capital is keen on punctuality, characterized by best prices and high quality, in addition to a team to review and proofread all translation work in a correct Arabic language as required by certain specializations.

Providing proofreading service for all works and specializations such as PhD and Master’s theses and all reports, research and other works that require linguistic revision to correct spelling and linguistic errors.

A translation company accredited by all government ministries, departments, authorities and all educational institutions, including schools and universities and embassies of different countries.




Our Services

Translation must be linguistically accurate and correct as required by different specializations, and AKS Capital provides translation services for many languages ​​in a highly professional manner, whether at the level of certified translation, academic translation or translation of documents (all contracts, agreements and academic theses, including PhD and Master’s, as well as research and reports in all legal, financial, commercial, political, economic and medical fields.

The company provides proofreading service for all works and specialties.

Furthermore, AKS Capital creates content for websites and electronic applications and creates content for periodicals and newspapers.

For a better certified translation

and proofreading service!

What makes AKS Capital stand out?

  • Professional translation for all fields and specialties.
  • Linguistic review for all translations after completion to ensure correct and accurate translation.
  • Punctuality, the company is keen on delivering works before due time.
  • Best prices that are suitable and satisfactory to customers’ (companies and individuals) requirements and capabilities.
  • Making contracts at competitive prices with companies and offices (monthly and annual contracts).
  • Confidentiality of all works.
  • Online submission and receipt of documents by uploading the file to be translated directly on the website and receiving the translation via email or WhatsApp.
  • Delivering documents to the customer’s doorstep anywhere within the State of Kuwait.
  • Distinguished location and ease of access, being located right in the heart of the capital.

* All data processed by our site, including uploaded files, is encrypted. Only essential staff with signed NDA’s can access your files.